Best Videos for Monday Motivation

Need videos to use on a Monday? Great videos for #mondaymotivation #motivationmonday and #mondayblues

Why use daily hashtags

Daily hashtags are a great way to increase the engagement and visibility of your social media campaign. Using these hashtags allow you to chat with people you may never have come into contact with otherwise as well as getting great exposure. Using these hashtags with the correct content will get you great results.

 What will these hashtags do for your business?

Although Monday hashtags may seam a little bit un-enthusiastic than others they actually perform better than weekend posts!

#mondaymotivation usually trends 19.5m posts with #mondayblues trending 2.7m

Why use video instead of photos?

On Twitter alone a video is 6x more likely to be retweeted than a photo tweet. If you aren’t doing it be prepared that your competition will be and could be stealing potential customers.



When you believe in yourself

Love this video! even if I do say so myself. Dreams really can come true if you believe in yourself

Go in the direction you want to go

It doesn't matter what anyone else does. Go in the direction you want to go.

Be the brick that stands out

Be the person that stands out for doing something different this week

You're off to great places

If you start the week on a positive, you will go places

Be An Odd Sock

If you have an idea thats different to other people thats great! Who wants to be the same as others

It's Monday be awesome

Monday is a great chance to reset the clock. Even if last week was tough, we breath take a deep breath and carry on. It's a new week.

Go Beyond your limits

Push yourself this week, who knows what you can achieve.

Einstein Quote

Believe in yourself!

It's Monday

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Dream Big

Dream big, we can achieve anything we set out hearts to.

It never gets easier

It never gets easier we get stronger, so true!

Monday blues

What Monday Blues, celebrate Monday with this great Video

I'm Possible

I love this one. Impossible turned into I'm possible what a great start to the week!

Limits are an illusion

If we can get over fear we can do anything!

Be the Red Duck

Stand out and be noticed! a great video to share on social media on Mondays and Wednesdys

Your Road

Choose your own path and don't be afraid a great message from this video

So she did

Believe in yourself!

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