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Email Signature Design and Hosting

Great email  signature design and hosting service

Your email signature can often get overlooked with all the other marketing tasks you have to do as a business. Unless you have someone dedicated to looking after certain tasks usually we tend to focus on social media and things to generate us leads and drive customers to our website.

So we have put in loads of time and money into our social media marketing and we are generating leads YAY!!!! Now its time to engage with the customer and show them exactly why they should do business with us. This is why you need to have an amazing email signature as its the gateway for your hot new customer lead to have a one stop place to view all paths to your products and services.  You should have links to all your social media platforms, website and contact details. It’s also a great place to have a banner showing awards, achievements or any offers running.  It really needs to be treated as  importantly as your website as it shows another professional side to your business.

What I can do for your Email Signature

So as with most things you could design it yourself however this could end up doing more damage than good. 

Not all email platforms will show your email in the same format as you design it, which can lead to missing links, pictures and mixed up lines. Also you have to be careful on the size of it. Add too much and some people have limits on emails being received so you may end up in the dreaded SPAM box. 

My email designs work on all platforms and are all designed under 25kb which is the optimum size for a signature.

They contain links to all your social media links  and important contact information in a professional layout.

This is where I can really add value with a bespoke banner image branded to your business .

Once you have given me all the link information and contact info to design your signature and banner I will get to work. Once completed I will send you the design to preview..

Once payment has been received you/your team will get your email signature sent to you by an email link ,where you can install it onto your email signature.

What is the cost of a Signature Design

The cost of the first design is £24.99. If you need signatures for other members of your team  if they are based on the same first design than each additional one is £5

What is the hosted Option

The hosted option allows me to do any changes to your signatures. This is a great service if you have monthly offers and would require banner changes monthly. If you have multiple users they would all get the update emailed out to them again which they can change themselves.

What is the cost of the hosted option

The cost is £10 a month for the lead user and includes

Full hosted service

1 x bespoke banner image design each month (designed 2 months in advance so full approval can be gained and changes done)

5 social media videos credits to use in my down load shop for you to use on social media, especially useful for national days. 

Additional users are £2  each a month 

More questions or want to order this service please contact me