Theo Paphitis SBS Winner January 2018

Small Business Sunday, also known as #SBS was founded by Theo Paphitis 

He decided to make Sunday night an exciting start of a new week and set up a Twitter account and asked small businesses to tweet him about themselves and their business. Each week he chooses 6 to shout out about.


It helps small businesses by having an increase in Twitter followers, media publicity and subsequently increased sales. It also allows #SBS winners to join private members facebook group where you can network, ask work related questions and get general advice.

This platform for me has been amazing and I have made some really good friends as well as providing a huge award for Sofia Grace.

Smart Social Award

#SmartSocial Award launched in May 2012 as part of a drive to help micro and SME businesses. Each Sunday morning between 9 – 12pm companies Tweet to smart social on Twitter on ‘how they use Social Media in their business’ they run through the entries to find out the best and most innovative use of social media to award a business the award.

I was so happy to receive this as it proved that my vision and way of working with Social media was working. I would give my customers a great return on investment in video and make their business stand out.